Twilight’s Last Gleaming


Let us stroll now this empty orchard
Gone out of season and out of time
Grasp poetry, physics, the perfect rhyme*
To toast the Doctor’s magic pilchard†
A heavenly couple’s life is hard
S’not all apples, there’s sweat and grime
And groping in the dark and slime
With nothing sure left behind to guard

Cast out of the bright garden and left alone
Adam’s apple crumbles leaving merely bone
Always was a throaty tickle mainly subliminal
The doctor’s bobs in uttering the word “terminal”
In God they trust, in palliative they clutch
And this and that and so and such


* … our favourite Time Lord who had been teaching everything from poetry to physics – “they’re the same thing, same rhymes” …

† “Once, long ago, a fisherman caught a magic haddock. The haddock offered him three wishes in return for its life. The fisherman said, “I’d like for my son to come home from the war. And a hundred pieces of gold.” The problem is, the magic haddock, like robots, don’t think like people. The fisherman’s son came home from the war, in a coffin. And the king sent a hundred gold pieces in recognition of his heroic death. The fisherman had one wish left. What do you think he wished for? Some people say he should have wished for an infinite series of wishes, but if your city proves anything, it is that granting all your wishes is not a good idea. […] In fact, the fisherman wished he hadn’t wished the first two wishes.”

– The Doctor.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Ben, there’s so much I want to say about this one… Will do so when we get back home. Feeling empathy…

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  2. Back again…now to fully concentrate on this master crafted poem of yours, Ben. You already know how I feel (empathy, heartfelt caring) about the content. As for the poem as a poem, I can only add how eloquently you’ve written this. It is elegant to a high degree, beautiful, poignant, perfect. This is a poem I’m planning to print out and keep.
    Continuing to hold you and yours in my thoughts… 🌹🌹

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  3. P.S. thanks for including a footnote on the third line. It seems logical to me that physics, poetry, and rhyme are related, if not the same. 😊

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  4. This is as good a sonnet as you’ll ever read. It’s craft is strong and meanings stronger.

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  5. “…this and that and so and such” -Tthough gone, lasting in thought and heart. All that was, now all that is. Anticipation and acceptance the same.

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