What Would Carl G. Jung Say about Donald Trump?

Innovative approach to presenting the ideas discussed.



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  1. This article reflects my own thoughts exactly. (Was unable to read to the very end because of a pop up ad. Will read it again on my PC.) Thanks for posting this, Ben.

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  2. Finished reading entire article – AMEN!!

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    • The man is mentally ill. And that isn’t just name-calling. That he could get into the position he has is perhaps even more alarming. The article at least builds a model which allows us to make some sense out of the incomprehensible and even answer the question of what the hell we might be able to do.

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      • I completely agree with everything you’ve said, and it is most frightening that he continues to have any support whatsoever. He’s clinically insane. It’s like a bad movie – but it’s really happening. And no one who sees the truth (most people) know what to do about it. Hitler was insane. This must be what it was like to see him rise to power.. .

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      • Yes, the similarities had not escaped me.. Of course the USA snatched the A-bomb from Hitler’s gang, used it then developed the H-bomb, then there is of course the neutron bomb. which kills the people but does much less material damage. Of course, the latter is never discussed on TV, nor why it would be a weapon of choice to the psychopaths who control the buttons. I never need to wonder why this is discussed, simply rejoice I don’t have any children and grandchildren to worry about.


      • Watched a science series recently about the history of physics theories and discoveries and the scientists involved. None of them ever wanted their discoveries to be used for bombs, including the one who did the math which made the neutron bomb possible. Tragic, the evil that can be wrought from innocent scientific discoveries.

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      • In the wrong hands anything can become a weapon.

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