That which cannot endure: Mab Segrest and the search for community in Trump’s first week

A powerful essay worthy of wider distribution. I can easily imagine it being published by the Guardian, for example.

I Plead Youth

This time last year I was wrestling with the works of writers such as Gayatri ­­­­­­Spivak, Audre Lorde and bell hooks who emphasised the failure of institutional feminism to represent women who weren’t white, middle class and heterosexual. As a student embarking on a project that looked at violations of women’s human rights – a topic that takes you deep into the cultures of underdeveloped nations and the colonial history of one’s own country – these were texts that filled me with anxiety. I was afraid of replicating the errors of my predecessors within the academy, of speaking for and over the oppressed women I sought to find justice for, and of reproducing the colonial power dynamics that I wanted to criticise.

At this moment of self-doubt (a crisis of confidence in my own ability to shed privilege and hear suffering in its own language), a tutor recommended a book…

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  1. Will be back soon to read entire post. Looks good!

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing my piece! I feel very strongly about the need to reach across social divides in order to work together for shared political aspirations

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