American Democracy


The land of the free
Choose between Clinton and Trump
Please don’t make me laugh


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  1. i’m having a hard time
    saying President tRump 🙂

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  2. Sometime you have to pick the lesser of two evils and vote against one rather than for the other.

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  3. Lowest common denominator sinks lower and lower…. But gosh, that’s not important, just gimmee my Pokemon-Go so I can continue to “nothink”! Alas…. :/

    As in comment above we must vote for lesser of two evils and hope to eventually rise up out of this farcical era.

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  4. Our freedom is illusory. So many laws against freedom. Freedom being taken from women since time began when the warrior took control. Laws against pleasure. Laws against Truth. Laws filled with prejudice & lies. I would have preferred it was Bernie Sanders running for President. But there is no choice except HC. Life would be over with DT. I have a sneaking conspiratorial suspicion there is more to this story with DT then can be seen. Compare it to the film The Wizard of Oz. The scariness of the flames and face of OZ freaks one’s freak when a child. We are diverted from seeing what hides behind the curtain. Who actually is handling the rules and pulling the puppet strings. Is it really just to drop out after losing and creating a Media Empire putting himself at the top. It’s either all a publicity stunt or goes deep into a secret society no one likes to mention. Ike called it the Military Industrial Complex or the New World Order and known by other names that scare the SH*T out of me. Those who want war to continue for ever. It’s where all the billions come from and they don’t want their fortunes not being fed to their liking. Think of Bones & Skulls. Knowing what I think I know makes me feel sick. Too many have died who figured it out. It’s what hides in the dark filled overflowing with Evil.

    Enough for now. I am truly sane, though Shawn has her objections to my thoughts on conspiracies. The ones I believe in are so easily explainable. It keeps the imagination active. Someone said recently: “Fiction is a Lie.” My new book goes wild with the most outrageous ideas. If I have the energy to work on it & actually finish & publish. You will enjoy my wild mind being set free in all directions.

    Night now. It is exactly 12:12 am EST USA.

    Good news. I am finally able to eat. Started on Thursday 4 days ago. A Miracle of Circumstances & Observation & a pinch of Serendipity. Will explain soon. 😇

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    • MY suspicions are not a million miles from yours.

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      • Very ominous. The Truth may appear & doubted by the smart & the foolish. Which one is which? What I think I know isn’t supposed to be known & those who actually do know b/c they are part of the inner circle, laugh at those accusing them of insanity or drug abuse & they suddenly die of a probable suicide or drug overdose. Very scary. It happens more than anyone sees or knows.

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      • The same Spirit manifests itself in such a bewildering range of forms that they all too often some find the others incomprehensible and/or acceptable. murder as unwitting suicide.


      • It is easier to accept the Truth with blinders & only see how the winners tell the history. Suicide is almost more acceptable to bear than believing someone who is loved was murdered. It’s too horrible either way but “suicide is painless” from M*A*S*H*…It is. It’s there. Nothing more to wonder except WHY. Most need to know WHY. I’m an inquisitive sort. Not satisfied with what appears on the surface of things.

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      • Infinite regress again I fear.

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      • Why one doesn’t want to see the Truth is beyond my imagining. I write to discover more of what I don’t know or want to know & understand. I share to see if someone else has something I don’t see. I write for fun & for serious. Sometimes at the same time &/or separate reasons.

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  5. I despair at the position/condition our world finds itself in! This has to be the beginning of the end. 😨

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