The Focus Is On The Olympics Right Now

Meanwhile …

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The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Clicked on the link but my computer froze up – lots of pop-ups. Ack! Will try again later.

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    • Still working for me. I’m on Firefox with Adblock Plus set. Perhaps you will have more success using a search for “This One Photo of the Olympics Sums Up Everything Wrong With Society”.

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      • Thanks Ben, I’ll try that.

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      • Googled the phrase and finally found one link that actually took me to the photo. What a stark reality…. Thanks for sharing it on your blog, Ben.

        (I also use Firefox – the latest version – but not Adblock Plus. Probably part of the problem is that my computer is getting old.)

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      • The writer mentions”The Hunger Games” I thought of “Rollerball” too.


      • I deliberately never saw The Hunger Games. Such premises give me nightmares (literally). But I imagine the fictional scene would certainly fit the reality. It always upsets me to hear about the billions of dollars spent on massive, obscenely expensive celebrations every year when so many are going hungry, homeless…… Stark reality. Humanity can and must turn their priorities and values around if we’re to survive. We become what we envision – and there are far to many movies and t.v. series about “zombies” and other monstrous characters – amoral, irreverent, and on and on. It seems we’re instilling a craving for ugliness in our media, our “entertainment” and it’s eating at our souls. And we don’t even realize it.
        Ah Ben – you’ve got me on a soap box, sorry. Preaching to the choir again. But that photo truly sum it all up!


      • We try in our small way to redress the balance.

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