You understand me
You accept me as I am
That’s irony, right?

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    guess who knows secrets
    twenty-million questions more
    how many answered?

    layers bury mysteries
    soul is veiled in-sight


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    Beneath the surface
    Shimmering halls of mirrors
    Promise amazement!

    Curiosity assuaged!
    Infinite regress is all
    A maze meant to snare

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      decisions thought-less
      expectations come from need
      choice cast in error

      pull up – crash in sight
      mind think not in the wanting
      muse will strike at dawn


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      • “Struggling to achieve a rational understanding of reality is futile and will only exhaust us. Better to stop experiencing life via intellectual concepts, because it is only when the mind comes to a rest that we directly perceive the ever-present Mystery.” – Timothy Freke.

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      • I used my mind to try to understand if I was sane. The Truth is I am different. But then so aren’t we all. Took years of self examination of my life and what I experienced to figure part of that out. Now where am I? Uncertain where I need to go next except to lead with my work, which is creating something, always something. Now looking deeper inside to see the infinity is all places.Reality is futile. No one really knows for certain. Too many lies and interpretations of the BS to sort through. Meditate. Levitate. Astral Project. Lucid Dream. Perceive the ever-present Mystery. It is a great choice. The Mystery. I am the Perceptive Detective attempting to unravel puzzles and maybe ‘see’ clear through the Dark into the Light.

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      • Sounds much like my approach too. Must be why we get along together so well. 🙂

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      • Definitely a familiar connection. Past to past continuing to meet. I like hearing we have similar approaches and I feel the same way, we get along together. Waves of the mind join in the understanding similar minds. Teacher to student & reversed. Always traveling in evolving circles. 😃

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        Round and round we go
        In lifetime after lifetime
        Chasing our own tail
        In a dizzy daisy chain
        Until it’s time to go home

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        Mind and sound touching
        Words travel through sound and space
        Jumping around time

        Opposites repeat
        Regenerate – awaken
        Facing three corners

        Past’s future is Now
        Always heading outside time
        Prepare for-ever

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  3. My brother in law once kept talking about what we would make of ourselves if suddenly we found ourselves inside a ball of mirrors capable of reflecting back who we really are. Are we the essence of irony? Or multiple dimensions that reflect backward and forward into time? Not ourselves only, but the history of all the spirits and bodies who have inhabited the earth? What is now anyway?

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