Subliminal Messages

An interesting article whidh includes two short videos and a full-length documentary, Programming The Nation. “that offers a full history behind subliminal message. In the film, Warrick examines if subliminal messaging and other subconscious techniques have conditioned the United States public to become one of the highest consuming nations in the world, accounting for about 25 percent use of the worlds natural resources even though its populace makes up less than 5 percent of the global population.”

Filmmaker Reveals The Truth About Subliminal Messages


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  1. I usually only hear the commercial as I close my eyes and occasionally if it’s too loud I turn the volume down. But I am aware of the subliminal messages in commercials, In TV programs and movies.I became aware when I took my kids shopping with me when they were young and they were choosing things based on commercials.

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  2. I don’t go to movies and watch little television so I don’t worry much about what I see, but what the rest of the country might be seeing bothers me. We are sheep, and wolves are tending the flock.

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