Five Days, Five Quotes: Day One

Recently I was invited to participate in an exercise which involved posting a fresh quotation on each of three days and also tagging three more folk each day. Here is a sequel, but with a difference. The quotation bit remains the same but I won’t be burdening anyone else. 🙂 And this time there will be five days rather than three.

This is Day One.

“Information can exist outside the human brain. In the forms of codex systems, genetic symbols, and transitory energy networks, information is routinely stored and processed in ways that do not involve the human brain. From this it becomes apparent that not only are we swimming in a sea of information but we are actually and quite literally made of information in the same way that we are made of matter and energy.” – Joseph R. Shuster.


And if there’s anyone wondering what to read after they finish up their current book may I recommend “Lexicon” by Max Barry? If you do decide to read it you will understand why I mention it in this context.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. I’m sure you will wow us with many more great quotes. Especially since information surrounds us all over.


  2. I love the feel of this quote. It gels with a running thought I had about how my mind processes information. For me, I don’t ever feel like I could stamp my name on a thought and say “Yep, that’s “MY” thought.” All of the information swirling around in my head feels as though it comes from someplace other than what is natural to who I am. In essence, I feel I am a filter through which thoughts come into and swirl around according to my personal flare of being. I receive thoughts through my vessel, scattering the contents of the message the way that my fractals do, until the contents of the message take shape in my head and come together for me to translate into what I deem as my understanding. From my understanding I start painting the concept with words and sentences that better allow me to articulate the thought that entered my head. I always wish to share this process with others but often others aren’t desiring to explore the flavor of how their thoughts manifest, usually preferring to discuss the actual thoughts themselves.

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    • You may already have read these words ( and so will recognise how we have a similar experiencing of experience. 🙂

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      • Indeed I have read those. I think this is part of why we flow so well together. Your words flow freely through your being which then flow freely through mine, leaving us producing the most beautiful of chemistry and connection the internet can offer.

        I think the Universe likes when we connect words and come up with inspiration from each other. And even if the Universe isn’t as huge of a fan as I believe, I am. I love where your words take me and I truly enjoy diving into where your mind takes you.

        You are a wonderful treat in this blessed world we share.

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      • “You are a wonderful treat in this blessed world we share.”

        And no tricks. 😉 😀


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