A Monkish Riddle


Like an old chestnut
The tree in the forest falls
Silent? Who’s to say?


About Ben Naga

Pilgrim on the lam. Please feel free to explore the links to learn more. I trust you will find some things there will have been worth the effort. See you there.

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  1. The one who wasn’t there.

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  2. The one I heard fall a week or so ago sure wasn’t silent. I was very happy that I wasn’t near it.

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  3. Being there
    Breaks the silence

    Being Here Now
    Silence returns

    Chestnut makes no sound
    Where sound is not heard

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      In the beginning there was guff.

      And how was it made sense of? Apparently thus …

      There was eye thinking eye a loan. But eye was ear too.
      And eye beheld ear. And ear hearkened unto eye’s view.

      And eye found it ear to eye’s taste, just as eye’s taste too mutually, and so eye to eye
      agreed without ever asking should we be moved by this?

      Of a certainty we could be moved; there was choice it seemed.

      So there was time, but why bother travel? We come across one another all the time,
      for it is but a smell world is it not, and fragrant,
      not to say flagrant at times in its excess?

      Or so eye feel it. And eye feel eye am ear continually.
      And behold eye mainly feel good. At least on days when eye feel good.

      And it feels there is sense, though whether sense makes sense itself who can say?
      Or does any sense only co-merge with eye?

      Eye sense of course that eye may make sense, but how does sense make eye?

      Despite this uncertaincy, and that the likelihood of choice’s actuality remaining
      questionable, in quest of some comfort eye hold in mind two fundamental rubrics
      [in addition to adopting the conventional illusion of (I)dentity]:

      1. I shall dwell in the house of guff forever;


      2. I shall try never to underestimate the power of guff.


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  4. I & eye shall meet and ear shall hear our conversation that eye & I have within ear’s shot of earing and bee shall not sting eye or I b/c the bee is being friendly & eye & I never bother to be bothering the bee ear at all. 😀 I believe in the power of guff. Does that make me know or seek to know or both, the house of guff, for I ear the words and do not underestimate the power of eye or I or guff.

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