No Money Down

Wonderful music. The message however …

(Elvis 1  … Chuck Berry 10)

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. I love Chuck Berry. 🙂 Good old rock and roll in its pure form. He was one of my idols when I was first learning to play guitar.
    Annie ❤


  2. Video was not available to me but I followed it to YouTube and listened to another version. Chuck Berry does have a way Elvis does not. Must say though I had a crush on Elvis when I was a kid. Love Me Tender. More familiar with EP but CB does have the soul. ❤

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    • I have always wondered whether race was not involved in the public preference for Mr Presley.


      • Yes, a strong involvement. He performed with soul. And in the US, it wasn’t easy to get TV air time or publicity during Chuck Berry’s coming popularity. Elvis got Ed Sullivan. I don’t remember CB ever appearing on Ed’s show. It was pretty white with a few exceptions. Rare exceptions. Only one I can think of was Moms Mabley, a comedienne & if I am not mistaken Pearl Bailey. I saw her in Hello Dolly on Broadway when they switched up the entire appearance of the cast. Acceptance wasn’t easy when I was growing up.

        I was guarded from any awareness of anything when I was a kid. So I didn’t have an awareness even of the existence of different races. How odd is that? But then knowledge was discouraged in our house. I got looked at strangely whenever I read the dictionary. I did it all the time. My theory was, she thought I was looking up something that was dirty. You remember the movie “Carrie” with Sissy Spacek. Her mother was my mother. Gives you a glimpse. Only a glimpse.

        Elvis shook his pelvis. Chuck Berry was wilder, so more dangerous to teenage girls. Though, on Ed’s show, no one saw Elvis below the waist. Weird standards by what is seen today. Anyway you want it.

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      • Things have certainly changed, but I fear there is just as much (or even more?) insanity; it has simply mutated.

        Plus there’s (even if unwittingly – Who knows? Who cares) a level of metaphor here that ever evaded “The Prince”. The Gods animate sundry humans within their own game ploys; we …ha … merely employees.


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