The End Of Capitalism Has Begun


“Once you understand
that information is physical
and that software is a machine
and that storage, bandwidth and processing
power are collapsing in price
at exponential rates
the value of Marx’s thinking becomes clear

We are surrounded by machines that cost nothing
and could, if we wanted them to,
last forever.”

(This is not a poem but a shameless
reproduction of a set of words
arranged thusly by one Paul Mason.

I believe he will accept this
In the spirit
In which it is offered. 😉 )


Please read the book. See:


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  1. I was once the President of a software company, Synaptic Micro Solutions. I was excited about technology, and we were doing really innovative, neat stuff. Then, one day, I realized that our software had just made several publishing related careers go the way of the dodo bird. I truly believe that, given the right team of people, I could help, using software and robotics, to create an automated system to complete about any work sequence you can dream of. What are we going to do as human beings for work? There is dignity in work, not to speak of the need to make a living in a society based upon consumerism. What are we going to do with ourselves? Still, there is no putting genies back into jars once they’ve seen the light of freedom. Maybe we’ll go adventuring in space if the conservatives of the world don’t manage to package it and sell it as a mushroom.

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    • It is always difficult, if not impossible, to fully envision what an innovation will end up producing as a side effect. I certainly would not care to hazard what might follow capitalism but our current parameters seem to be boxing us into a cul de sac in short order. Interesting times, as they say.


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