How You Can Change Your World


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  1. During the day, I do not have the TV on when I am working, writing, blogging. I hate the sound. It is disturbing. In the evening, I do not watch the news being served to the masses. I am critical about what I do watch. Films & excellent TV shows without messages hammering at my brain. It has its routine in our house but limited. The Sound does grate on my nerves, esp. of the commercials. I use the TV for fun & learning. I am aware of the covert enemy trying to subdue the masses. This is a discussion which has length. I do agree one needs to be careful what feeds our minds.

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    • If we have to watch anything containing adverts – mainly films – we keep the remote at hand and kill the sound during ads. Often I also look down so I only see the very bottom of the screen; enough to know when the main programme is comong back on.

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      • Yes, the remote finger on mute. An extremely essential act. Will have to try averting my eyes downward. Very rarely an ad comes on I actually want to see but that is not often. Netflix is great & so it Acorn. Purely relaxation when watching. Last night I watched a mini-series DVRed. I couldn’t feel my Zen Zone b/c I had to keep FF. Hated it. Late nights are my time to relax in the Stone Zone with hopefully a great mystery or a good binge watching escape series. Alone time to chill my mind and edgy nerves.

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      • Good company is good but then sometimes I am convinced that allein ist am besten. 🙂

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  2. Alleine am besten ist und benötigt wird.

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