This is mainly for UK and European readers.


The TTIP is of great danger. Plenty of info available on line. Doing my puny part.

Apologies; the image is a bit small and you may need to crank up your Zoom to read it with ease. (Alternatively simply click on it and you go to a larger size version. Certainly that works with Firefox.)


About Ben Naga

Pilgrim on the lam. Please feel free to explore the links to learn more. I trust you will find some things there will have been worth the effort. See you there.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Ben.. it needs awareness. x

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  2. Corporations will be the only winners…the rest of us will just pay.

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  3. We need to release a deadly virus of common sense to slay these overgrown, overweening cancers of corpulent corporations….

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