The Thought of Love’s Victory

Sanity amid the madness.

You were meant to read this.

And join the reblogging?

I’ve been thinking about the messages that we give each other and ourselves. Sometimes these really hit the mark, and they help a lot. Often the help comes not from a big long article, but just a few words. So I wondered what few words would help us ‘in this time’. You know and I know that what’s going on in the world now is so death-loving that it’s beyond comprehension. It affects us deeply, and this is what I mean by ‘in this time’.

Here we are… as radiation kills the ocean, fracking poisons the groundwater, chemtrails poison the sky, insane war mongers lust after death, hatred of every sort rises like an odor from hell, and that’s just the beginning. We’re nauseated, beyond being shocked… it’s more like we’re shell-shocked.

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