Asking For The Impossible

“Your job is not to ask for things the world can’t give you. Your job is to observe.”



Whenever you experience any pain or difficulty, always remember one of the deep meanings of the word suffering: asking the world for something it can never give you. We expect and ask impossible things from the world. We ask for the perfect home and job and that all the things we work hard to build and arrange run perfectly at the right time and place. Of course, that is asking for something that can never be given. We ask for profound meditation and enlightenment, right here and now. But that’s not the way this universe works. If you ask for something that the world can’t supply, you should understand that you’re asking for suffering. So whether you work or meditate, please accept that things will go wrong from time to time. Your job is not to ask for things the world can’t give you. Your job is to observe.

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About Ben Naga

Pilgrim on the lam. Please feel free to explore the links to learn more. I trust you will find some things there will have been worth the effort. See you there.

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  1. Very nice work 🙂

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  2. Amazing words. I think when I wish peace existed now & there were no more violence, I realize through observation and study the dream is to Imagine and have the dream. After reading what you present here, I realize at times, I am an observer who often wants to record what comes through my being, mind, heart, soul & body. I find as many ways to express myself. If others observe what I try to communicate, it will get passed along, as what I observe, I try to pass along. If we spent time observing, we may find the center of what we dream. Very cool your post and Karl’s words and image. I will take some time to observe his blog. Thank you. 🙂

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  3. I am following him. It is good to grow in awareness wherever it can be discovered.

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