Monday, Monday


Here comes one more week
Or else (on a brighter note?)
Now there’s one fewer

About Ben Naga

Pilgrim on the lam. Please feel free to explore the links to learn more. I trust you will find some things there will have been worth the effort. See you there.

Posted on February 2, 2015, in Senryu and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Brighter still “One more wonderful week”! 🙂

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  2. Can there ever be enough more weeks, Ben Naga? Enough sunrises? Even though the cold is so sharp it brittles your bones?

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  3. We are all reaching out toward our aging self, in a state of reluctance. I speak this for myself but feel I am far from being alone on this physical mind trip.

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  4. Eternal moments.
    For better of worse?
    Now that’s up to us.


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