Twin Towers


They went on and called
The World Trade Centre
The Twin Towers
Despite Tolkien

Despite Tolkien

Despite Tolkien
They went on and called
The World Trade Centre
The Twin Towers

They didn’t do irony

They honoured profit instead
Even in their hometown*
Morgoth and Sauron, Saruman
Shiny windows, shiny cars

Shiny lives

And to them malice only existed
A world away, when somebody
Usually with funny coloured skin
Dared to get in the way

Kiss of death

September the Eleventh, Two Thousand and One
Business as usual, a bright sunny day
Suddenly all that certainty and security gone
A truly impolite awakening, for sure

A quite rude awakening in fact

I worked out from way back
Not to keep saving drowning people
Better to sort out the villains
Who were busy dumping them in

And laughing

So I spent the morning, then the afternoon
Sure it would arrive, claiming responsibility
Just three words – Enough Is Enough
Yours sincerely, Oxfam

Big disappointment


* “But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.” (Mark 6:4)



“It’s tough to counterpoise hot-button issues with rationality.” – Russ Baker

Please note that this poem is not intended to imply any disrespect to the people who died when the World Trade Organisation buildings were destroyed, nor to the many thousands of people who have been killed or had their lives disrupted or destroyed as a consequence. This poem is not about Al Qaeda. It is not about the high impact of an instant “terrorism” attack but the slow motion obscenity of induced poverty and starvation. So while all that light is being shone today on what we are expected to concentrate on – the events at one particular place on one particular day thirteen years ago, here’s another little spotlight on the same events, but from another perspective on what the World Trade Organisation represents and its impact on the suffering of not thousands but millions of people all over the world every day.

“As we move deeper into an age of misinformation, disinformation, and superfluous information, maintaining our collective memory will more and more depend on honest information brokers; storytellers, journalists, investigative reporters who pursue a story with a passion and hunger for truth.” – Bill Berkowitz

“We use the madness to separate the events so that we don’t have to recognize the politics they have in common. The madness of each individual act enables us to distance ourselves from the politics that burn under the polite society we’ve created” – Bill Berkowitz

“Why, in a world that produces more than enough food to feed everybody, do so many – one in seven of us – go hungry?”
– Growing A Better Future: Food Justice In A Resource-constrained World

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. It’s the haves and the have not. Its evil at its best. Calculating madness. And tomorrow they will dominate every channel on TV and read every name of every person who died that day. We mustn’t forget because a good lie must be repeated over and over to make sure it’s believed. It has turned into a commercial affair. Now they have to ensure that everyone visits the memorial and tomorrow they will keep it open for the families so they can visit after 6pm.

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  2. Download this before it’s removed.

    Oops. Too late.


  3. What I remember most is the silence that came from having no planes in the sky. It must have been close to what Eden sounded like, and I mean the Eden that was this country when only Natives lived here.

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  4. Reblogged this on Ben Naga and commented:

    Another way to remember the day.


  5. Really powerful this Ben, well done, with the afterword too, allowing the strong message to stand with the necessary warmth of compassion and empathy. ❤️

    Esmeralda Cloud.

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  6. Excellent poem. A good friend of mine was part of a team of lawyers that defended a Native American Professor, Ward Churchill who wrote an essay about 9/11 in the vein of your poem and was fired from the university when parents complained of his anti-American narrative. Of course his anti-American narrative was from his point of view pro-American, being an aboriginal and one that fairly took a look at how the actions of this country have a history of unkindness to many groups of people. It started with the natives, and his continued to the middle east. He simply said, that as terrible as the tragedy is, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising given what the actions the country has taken over its history. Ward Churchill was a history professor and knew his American history well. Most American’s regardless of political affiliation believe they are the best country that ever was, that they have nothing to learn from any other country, and that any blow back against the U.S. can only be of jealousy and not any legitimate gripe. That doesn’t mean I approve of the killing of innocent people for any negative actions by a government, but I do think that the response by the U.S to this tragedy was one that has only increased the odds that harm will come to innocent people. We’ve doubled down on American exceptionalism rather than taking a dose of humility.

    Here is the essay by Ward Churchill if you are interested.

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    • Thank you. Perhaps I should say that in fact I believe that the destruction of the ‘Twin Towers’ was not even the result of the highly publicised attack by the planes, a lie which has been repeated over and over to the extent that many people are not even aware of the evidence or simply dismiss it as the ravings of some crackpot “‘conspiracy’ theorists”. I suggest that anyone who is sceptical yet has an open mind will find this very well balanced essay discussing the actual evidence well worth reading.

      “… the actual facts surrounding 9/11? Not unfound(ed on) conspiracy theories, the actual facts that do exist”

      Since then the – carefully orchestrated – attack has been used, as planned, to inflame American public opinion to such an extent as to appear to justify and accept:

      1. Strategic invasions which are in fact covert manoeuvrings towards monopolising and controlling oil resources.

      2. Move semi-openly towards a police state.

      As you say, “We’ve doubled down on American exceptionalism rather than taking a dose of humility.”

      After all it very necessary to avoid cognitive dissonance if your country is largely based on invasion, genocide and slavery.

      Thanks for the link to Ward Churchill’s essay. 🙂

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      • Thank you for your response Ben. I guess will agree to disagree about the terrorist attack. As a scientist myself with a pretty good knowledge of physics I had spent sometime sorting through both sides of this issue and found the explanation from knowledgeable engineers pretty reasonable for how it could have happened just from the plane crashes alone. Does that mean that is definitely what happened? Nope, but it is the most likely explanation in my book. Not only because of explanations from engineers, but because the level of coordination needed to pull such a job off would most certainly create whistleblowers. There is a tendency in humans to apply intentional to large and traumatic events. When talking to people who believe Sandy Hook was a conspiracy, a majority of them are mothers who simply have so much trouble dealing with the reality of the attack that they invent agenticity to explain what for them is a tragedy beyond explanation. If we had a long history of various types of planes crashing into skyscrapers we could say what was possible and impossible. In the link you provide the writer makes many claims of impossibility with no scientific backing to say such a thing. There is no blueprint for this kind of tragedy because it has quite simply never happened. We have a data point of one. All science can do at this point is attempt to explain how such a tragedy is possible with the collision of two jet planes. The article you posted makes the claim that we did not consider other possibilities, but science most certainly has. Other explanations require the careful coordination of people in the thousands to pull off. It is by far the more complicated solution to the tragedy. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. In my observations of the world incompetence is far more the outcome of such a large scale operation. Something would have gone wrong, somebody would have had a heavy conscience, somebody would have been caught. Anyway, I am not trying to convince you, I’ve also gone down that road before…but I assure you that I am as educated on claims of the conspiracy hypotheses as anybody else, simply because when it first happened and George W. was as unpopular as he was, I thought it likely that this guy was manufacturing a crisis to get himself a second term. So I took the conspiracy claims seriously at first, but never found any serious scientific weight behind.

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  7. Sadly the world is full of evil and always will be. I am not saying there is no good, of course there is. But money and greed and not caring prevail.
    Death came out of the sky that day
    America was awoken
    The bubble they lived in blown away.
    Their shut eyes opened.
    The world outside banged on their door
    They were invincible no more.
    Yet Manon and greed still lead the way
    War, death, plagues and famine ride out
    Horsemen of the apocalypse, out to play
    Sadly the evil continues without any doubt.

    You are so right it’s a sad world.

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