Ageing Loner


Hasn’t spoken – in Realtime or Realspace –
With anyone for s/he doesn’t care how long
Except for the supermarket checkout robot

Who needs the delays, the complications
In slicing up old sores and chewing the fat?
Pours three fingers of pixillation and ice

Taps up a Hollyflick with a flick of the wrist
Pixellated simulations substitute stimulation
Ignored, Kronos tiptoes by in plaid bedsocks


About Ben Naga

Pilgrim on the lam. Please feel free to explore the links to learn more. I trust you will find some things there will have been worth the effort. See you there.

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  1. I feel that loneliness. Sometimes I like it other times it’s feels sad.

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  2. Loved this poem with its great images and dash of black bitter. Ha…love Kronos skulking about in plaid socks.Did you know he castrated his own father Uranus with a sickle. (Just sayin)
    Like the robotic check out chick as well.. Smiiiiiles!!!

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    • Thanks for coming by and commenting. Lots of our local checkout robots are male these days. One I know is programmed to say “See you later”, when clearly he isn’t going to unless you’ve forgotten something and have to come back. 😦 And yes I think I knew about Kronos’ little contretemps with his father. Children! Who’d have ’em, eh?


    • I tried to leave a Comment to your 3WW contribution “Never Alone” but blogspot did its all too frequent trick of refusing to work properly. Anyway, my Comment was/is

      “Everything we do is a pure waste of time
      Everything, mind
      We’ll never be known or loved by another
      We’ll try to love people who can’t love back
      And all the time we’ll be turning our back
      On the way that we’re wasting our time

      From “The Painted Albinos”


  3. Thank you for this comment. Echoes my sentiments. Finally a poet who downs the truth straight (no lemon twist and ice). Good to meet you !

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  4. This brought up a definite visual in me brain…. Great last line to sum it all up!

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  5. I loved the word play in this one Ben, and the title. Makes him sound quite mysterious… I liked the penultimate line most – very true.

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    • I enjoy the way this piece sounds when I read aloud. And I had fun using both pixillating and pixellating. 🙂

      A close examination reveals that the ageing loner may be of either gender.


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