The Gunpowder Plot


You spy difference
Then pass judgement upon it
Just what the world needs

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. A little more ugliness what difference does it make? Sigh.


  2. Exactly. Everyday someone is dying because of different. A lot of someones.


  3. I can’t understand people who think that we should all think and believe alike. I’m not sure how someone arrives at that point.


    • I believe the process may be a little like this. The person can not/will not accept some part of themselves, is even too fearful to acknowledge it.That fear/dislike/hatred is then projected onto another person or some set of people. Of course almost everyone has portions of their character or past behaviour they have difficulty with. Some of us are more willing to acknowledge and forgive the person we are/have been. Others of us are less successful in this regard.


  4. Ohdear. I’ve just returned from a trip to the mainland US. The longer I live on the islands, the less sure I am that the masses of humanity huddled together in large care-less clusters possess qualities that may redeem it.

    That being said, I, too, pass judgment without intending to – though mostly I do it in my head where I can work it out before it does damage to another. (I think it’s a failure to learn ‘discernment’ at a younger age.) Though I KNOW this.

    Unfortunately in this knee-jerk world, many either do not know or really don’t give a fig. May I live long enough to be proved wrong. Aloha.


    • Just rescued this comment from the “Spam” area, to which WP had erroneously filed it I entertain similar thoughts. When I walk into town I find my heart drawn to the trees, the dogs, the rabbits, but the people not so much.


  5. Will it ever change?… we live in a sad world of unfathomable laws that suit those who make them..


  6. I wholly agree with you comment to “New Hampshire Garden Solutions” – we see in others what we see in our own selves, whether that be good things or not-so-good things. The bad we project onto others most easily (helping us to be in denial). When it’s something positive, we glow in resonance. 🙂


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