A Plea From Jessica, “Help Children Save The Arctic.”

I’m Jessica, a mother of two. My daughter, Lily, aged 7, took part in a playful protest against LEGO’s partnership with Shell last week.

Shell is using LEGO’s good image to try and clean up its own so it can drill in the Arctic. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see the Arctic covered in an oil spill, and my kids don’t want to see that either.

So Greenpeace has made this video as a way to help share this campaign with the young people in our lives. Made by children, for children, it’s a way to show why the Arctic is important and magical, a place worth saving. Watch the video and share it with your friends: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/new-lego-video

My kids love LEGO, and my partner and I thought long and hard about involving our children in this campaign. We had a long chat with them about Shell, and that their logo is used on some LEGO products. Then we asked them what they thought.

Both already knew that Greenpeace worked to save the polar bears and that oil pollutes the environment. When asked what they thought about the fact that the Shell logo can be found on LEGO toys our 7 year old answered: ‘that is bad because then children might be tricked into liking Shell’. I felt proud that our children had already figured out the cunning ways of hidden marketing.

Our children’s imaginations are precious. So today, Greenpeace has asked me to help launch this new video which shows just how precious they are. Can you watch the video and share it with children, parents and everyone you know?


We realised very soon that we had underestimated the abilities of our two children. Before the playful protest last week, we explained to them what they were asked to do in this campaign and asked them if they would choose to join in. ‘Will LEGO stop using their logo then?’ they asked. ‘We don’t know’, we answered, ‘but at least then you will have told them what you think about it’. ‘And grown ups need to listen to children if they want us to listen to them!’ they continued.

Our children had shown us that they have an honest concern about the environment and the future of our planet. LEGO is also one of their favourite toys and they obviously care about the message sent to other children by using Shell’s logo.

As a parent, I think it’s crucial to ensure my children’s opinions are heard and listened to. Children are the ones LEGO cares most about. And children are the ones who will be most affected by the melting Arctic. They deserve to have a say about their world, and their future.

Watch the video here, and then share it to make their voices heard:


For the Arctic,


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  1. I’m as enviro-friendly as anybody. I believe global warming is real. We’ve replaced our lights with LEDs. We have a fully electric car sitting in the garage next to the hybrid. So I don’t say this disrespectfully or lightly, but when people go on about LEGOs and Shell, do they not know that plastic – which is what the blocks are made of – is a petroleum product?


  2. Thanks for the video, Ben – I wasn’t aware of the Shell/Lego connection. One wonders what other “subliminal” messages are out there that none of us ever notice….


  3. I agree the children should be consulted the are the ones who will inherited the earth.


  4. Grrrrrrr. These alliances are all too common. :((


  5. Sorry – hit Post too soon. Why children now must advocate and be political is perhaps indicative of the times we are living in. Vigilance is called for, as too many have been asleep at the wheel for too long. This is the baton that has been passed. And so it goes, the world our children will inherit. If I did not consider each moment and each blade of grass a miracle, I might despair. As it is, I suppose it’s all perfect somehow. All of it or none.


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