Unacknowledged this hawk-eyed underlife;
unseen, hovering soundlessly above,
observes our attempts to communicate.
Bars and then spaces, spaces and then bars;
words and then spaces, spaces and then words.
Music, conversation in the early dawn.

My words cut glass, a trigonometry.
Yours a slice of reality TV.
Cutting edge music this, fraught with discord.
Words enfold mirrored worlds; space echoes space.
Uncharted, the space within the worlds;
chimeric, the worlds within the spaces.

You twitter from inside, captive songbird.
I twitter from outside, locked out, exiled,
feeding this bonfire of words to keep warm,
maybe finding among these words refuge,
sanctuary, a hiding place. And then
some note peeps deep within that melody,

tingles in my ear, tiptoes warily
into the light: the song of the phoenix;
lightning bolt sending a shiver up the spine.
The unwatched cauldron at last boils over
revealing us to be understudies,
stand-ins while God is otherwise engaged,

and your words creep up inside of me now
as mine inside you. Sentences repealed.
Downside is upside; outside inside out.
We come, we go, yet eternally still.
My lofty mathematical conceits
and your vacuous documentaries

abandoned in shame. Who were we fooling?
There’s me describing a sphere with tangents
and you describing the plot of some soap.
Just what the hell were we trying to prove,
sitting huddled round a word to keep warm?
Let’s leave this documentary alone.


About Ben Naga

Pilgrim on the lam. Please feel free to explore the links to learn more. I trust you will find some things there will have been worth the effort. See you there.

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  1. Printing out – another great one to read over and over.


  2. The dialogue of words is ever present as back and forth they go.

    Words are spoken without thought often.. And yet it took thought to create them.. The power of words is given by the thought and intent…

    Sometimes no amount of words will make sense.. as those who listen do so without thought to them.
    And yet sometimes just One word can cut, deeper than a knife if one allows its thought to penetrate deep.
    While others sooth and heal, like balm spread across a wound..

    Such is conversation… We give words the Power… to heal or harm,, for in essence they are but words.. But we give meaning and emotions ..

    I loved your interaction within the poem, it reminded me of several I have had in the past with colleagues who are wrapped up in Soaps..

    Thank you I am pleased you reposted it.. 🙂


    • As ever, mindfulness is the elixir of life. I am pleased you enjoyed reading it, Sue. In the poem I am not taking sides. Neither approach is in essence more than a cloak to draw across one’s naked face.


  3. I love the pendulum swing in this one, Ben, it is a delight to read – a smorgasbord of words and wonderful lines. Great write! And, of course, you leave the reader thinking. 🙂


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