The Blessing


We may choose
Among seven directions
Of travel and exploration
Before, behind, left or right
Above or below, or the one
That is less travelled
The inner journey

My heart glows
To see your resolve
To explore them all

But let us not overlook
The eighth direction
The one over which
We have no control
– Inexorable time

I am powerless
To stay your journey
Your choices are yours
Even that tragic eighth
Yet may at least give
My heartfelt blessing
That you will always
Enjoy seven gifts

Marvellous Mondays
Tremendous Tuesdays
Wonderful Wednesdays
Thrilling Thursdays
Fabulous Fridays
Stupendous Saturdays
Stunning Sundays

In sum, my love

Wish-fulfilling weeks


Thanks to Francina for “Marvellous Mondays”.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. This is so nice πŸ™‚

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  2. A most perfect poem. Wishing you a filling week too.

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  3. Such a beautiful, wishful and gentle poem, Ben, with a touch of subtle sadness in the aftertones.
    and thank you for mentioning my blog πŸ™‚ I love it when creativity inspires creativity πŸ™‚
    have a wonderful week.
    groetjes, Francina

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  4. A beautiful poem, Ben, thanks for sharing (I’m so behind on reading blogs) and I love all the weekday sayings at the end..I do that a lot on facebook! πŸ™‚ Take care, Lauren

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  5. Wonderfully crafted poem, Ben!
    This is a blessing from your pen.

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  6. Very lovely, this one, and comforting – another to read over and over.

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  7. An inspired way of looking at life.
    The end is always a touch dismaying but must eventually be faced.
    Maybe it will be more than we have ever imagined.
    A make believe of true wonder.
    Until then take thrills from your wish fulfilling weeks forevermore.
    I know I will try to do the same with love. ❀ πŸ™‚

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  8. The cats, birds, dogs & other creatures of nature & instinct are often more giving & understanding. Also, more snugly I find. People as a rule cause more despair. But I do enjoy the interaction with the more loving of humans, filled with sensitivity. If you love animals you are heading in the best direction to achieve a closeness to human perfection and are wanted more. πŸ˜€

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