Harm not another
In action, even in thought
One day, I promise

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Hey Ben — does this have anything to do with Me?

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  2. Yes – “one day I promise”. We must never give up the effort, but there’s no such thing as perfection on this plane of living. And so we do our best! 🙂

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  3. I believe in perfection in our current state of living — I don’t believe in perfection being transformative — and Ben, at the risk of sounding childish: I think you’re being mean to Me.

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  4. lol Clever usage of words – many layers of meaning and funny too.

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  5. Dear Ben: I am afraid I have flogged my rooftop painting to death, and I am feeling a little insecure. Then when you said “Next?” as one of your comments, and I used it for the title of the last thing I’ve written, and then YOU titled your last poem “Target” — I was being self-referential — so when you wrote, “Some inspiration I don’t remember — I thought that was a deliberate put-down. This is a hodge podge of explanations but I hope you can follow.

    With Best Wishes,

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    • Yes, I believe I follow. Oh, what a horrific misunderstanding. I am so sorry.

      My (probably over cryptic) comment was a reference to you “coming out of hiding” and leaving me (eagerly) waiting/wanting to see what came next to be revealed. “Target” was a try at addressing my ongoing struggle with certain habitual negative reactions to certain things/people, the ‘target’ being my victory in this struggle – though some readers might have a similar target of their own, so I thought it might be worth posting it. I think I *do* remember writing it after reading some post that got me thinking about this topic. I can’t remember which though. Probably one of the Uplifting/Encouraging/Be Positive sites I frequent.

      As for “perfection”: I think the concept can vary according to one’s viewpoint. I have certainly approached the topic in quite different ways in various writings.

      Thank you so much, Joanne, for explaining. I would hate for you to think I would want to treat you in a deliberately spiteful way.


  6. Thank you, Ben. I feel a lot better now. I guess one of the risks with trying to communicate on the internet is that it’s hard to convey tones of voice (and I don’t use smily faces — maybe I should? (smile)) — Anyway, thank you for being such a loyal follower and I apologize for misunderstanding YOU. (whew — what’s the smily symbol for THAT?)

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  7. Nor in word. The moment of one day is promise kept.

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