Love Of My Life


She watches the idiot boy tinkering.
Muttering, mumbling, worrying at the cud,
stuttering through the fog, clutching at limp scraps,
floundering in discarded redundancies.

She recalls that piece of paper on which he
scrawled “Words are the pegs on which experience
is hung out to dry.” Inconsistent or what?
The image bristles with frustration, contempt.

Is he completely disenchanted by words?
Yet it was words neatly condemning themselves
satisfied him so deeply as he wrote them.
He loves paradox, adores ambivalence.

They’re like two long wedded lovers, him and words.
A profound affection for one another,
but also resenting the chains of habit
and codependence that tie them together.

She is happy to be his occult bedmate;
mistress also of that realm where sounds are born,
she knows how to set them coursing through his veins:
a great deluge; a mighty niagara.

Essence of being and experiencing
thunders through the flume, sparks flecks of vocal spume.
Words once again stand agape, untongued, dumbstruck.
For this is the mistress of his heart, true

love of his life.


The relationships between the poet, his wife (words) and his mistress (the Muse – gateway to the Essence).

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. It’s love at first sight, yet struggling to get it out right! 🙂

    “Words once again stand agape, untongued, dumbstruck.
    For this is the mistress of his heart, true love of his life.”

    this is the most beautiful thing ever. 🙂

    thank you, thank you, thank you. It has put a sweet, happy tear in my eye.

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    • What a lovely comment. Thank you. After all, what is poetry for, if not to move the heart?

      And, look, not a “business” in sight. 😉

      This is one in a trio of poems I completed this year.

      a. Dues For The Muse
      b. Poem For The Last Days
      c. Love Of My Life

      The others can be found using the “Search” facility.


  2. I heard something like a Bon Iver melody as background music as I read this. A wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing

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  3. This is wonderful Ben, thank you for sharing it. It is definitely going on my favorites list!

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  4. ah a good classic from the past! 🙂

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  5. Beautiful! Had I ever tried to put the relationship between creator and inspiration into a poem it would only be half as good as this, though I do believe my muse is unfaithful. She hasn’t been around lately. It worries me 😦

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    • Perhaps she has not yet forgiven you for going off to Spain without her. Or maybe she has gone away herself. After all it is the holiday season. Text her to let her know you are thinking of her and missing her company.


  6. WOW!! This will be one of my favorites of yours, Ben. Excellent, and I love it!

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  7. Beautifully written, Ben, and so d-e-e-p. I could (and have) read it over and over. Very well done. Will check out the other two later today…

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  8. You honor your muse and she dedicates her gifts to you. Very nice.

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