Unlucky Escape (Yuanfen)


Something about her …
(Sucker for sweet and sour)
Ordered a Chinese
“Have fate without destiny”
Warns fortune cookie … Too late



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  1. it does leave a sweet and yet very sour taste in my mouth…I must say. Sometimes I wonder if technology today keeps or invites our pasts back into our present — even when if it should have remained in the past. But I guess it also depends on how it ended (hence the sour)

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    • Even before all this technology, I think people were often drawn to recall painful episodes in their lives. There is certainly plenty of evidence in poetry and songs, for example, in many cultures as well as our own.

      Reviewing the past can be very healing (almost all counselling and therapy involves reframing the past) but on the other hand going over the past again and again can be crippling. I suppose that with looking back over painful past events, as with most things, it all depends on how you diminish or empower its effects in present time.


      Exquisite torture
      This annual ritual
      Is the scar still there?

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  2. I agree my dear friend, Ben reviewing the past is healing and it requires you to or at least shows you the ways in which you can grow and better yourself from the pain of the past, but I meant technology allowing the past to physically find you again after moons of thinking they no longer cared. Personal theory of mine….the scars will always be there but the new skin that has hardened over the scar represents new light, new life and new beliefs…it depends on the person to either allows those scars to help you or to prevent you from growing.


    Tutoring torture
    The scar has hardened – but on which end?
    Is it ritual still or now just debt?

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  3. and yes diminishing the power of the pain surely helps…empowering it may help too if you can allow it propel you while your down on the floor covered in shit..motivation and self preservation are always key! 🙂

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  4. Or was there a scar at all?

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  5. and I guess my responses comes down to one person who will boast and brag about their financial success yet forget the one who had helped them in a time of need and left without words or reasoning…more of a disappointment in an old friend more than anything, which I’m still not sure if that’s a scar on me or on them?

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  6. to add on to this (sorry for the multiple replies) to contact me just to boast with no mentioning of this loan or intentions of ever paying it back leaves a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice in a very fresh financial wound in my mind…..

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    • It seems that for whatever reason this post has acted to open a sluice gate and a lot of dammed out thought and feeling has gushed out. I am listening, but not a lot comes up in my mind of a response. It feels as if you are speaking to yourself as much as anything. Perhaps I am wrong, but that is how it feels. Please feel free to keep posting, or e-mailing. Whatever might feel right is fine with me. It is good to hear from you after long silence.


  7. Your anniversary response struck a cord that resonated with me to the extreme. Just had to vent, to diminish the superficial contact this person seems to want…

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  8. Why not ask this person for the money they owe you? You might get what you are owed, or they may stop contacting you opening up the old wound. And also you will have spoken your truth.


  9. I already have….still no response. I have no expectations with this person for I have been ignored so many times before that it has become somewhat of a “tradition” so to speak with him. I know he is more considerate than this or at least I had thought (leave it to me to give him the benefit of doubt)….I figured the only reason he contacted me in the first place was to repay his debt and/or apologize for his actions (for the second time now) but no nothing of the sort, yet. all I can say is I have learned many valuable lessons with him and the bridges he burns with me.

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  10. and that old wound has most deff healed, my friend – just perplexed by his insensitivity and actions as to why he would contact me in the first place since he obviously has no plans to clear up his karma with me. I’ve learned a great deal with him and I will give him that, the love for and connection with this person will always be there but with no real destiny or future for us. The YUANFEN is the best word to describe our relationship.

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  11. hey you live and you learn, right?

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  12. that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? 😉

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