A Living Mahatma (“Great Soul”)

If you have ever enjoyed any post here at “Ben Naga” then please do me the courtesy of spending a few minutes reading this wonderful and vital article. Thank you.


About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Ben, thank you so much for affording me the honor of reading this article and finding another human being to deeply admire. Namaste, my friend. (-_-)


  2. It is not a coincidence, I know, but a surprise when I see that the article talks about a man whose theories of language I’ve encountered during my studies… I’ve always wanted to “meet”, “know” the men behind the theories, the individuals, and this article really helps in this case…


  3. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story by Noam, someone I have been following for the past couple of years. Peace!


    • Good to get a little more background, I thought, for followers, and an excellent introduction to folk who do not know that much, or even anything, about the man.


  4. Amazing article, amazing man. The horrors humans inflict on each other in the name of some obscure cause is sickening. I tip my hat to Noam Chomsky and others like him, for putting the injustices in our face and forcing us to acknowledge and correct our inhumanity.

    Thank you Ben for bring this article to our attention.


  5. Ben, I’ve just printed this out (too long to read online) – it looks like an excellent article and I’ll try to respond soon. Thank you for sharing the link!


    • I hope you find it worth reading, Betty.


      • Very worth reading, Ben! I read it today, and my husband (who served in Vietnam and remembers certain atrocities) also just read it. I’ll be forwarding the link to a few people whom I know will also pass it on. It needs to be read.

        In many ways this was an eye opener for me. They always mention “collateral damage” (what a cold, clinical term that is!) as though it’s a rare, unavoidable event. Thank you again for posting this.


      • It’s good to know it is being of worth to others. Thanks, Betty.


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