…..“What is this life if full of care
…..We have no time to stand and stare?” *
…..Wherever you’re going, wherever you’ve been
…..You’ve been there before and you’ll be there again

Schooled in compliance and knowing your place
Trained to compete in the great human race
Driven like lemmings to follow the trend
Driven to keep up and on round the bend

Trapped by your drives like a rat in a cage
Driven in circles, driven to rage
Cornered and dangerous and on the attack
Driven to run like a rat with the pack


You’ve no hope of learning what’s really going on
As you’re driven to abstraction by the media con
Where endless analysis by self-centred bores
Keeps your mind off what’s happening behind the closed doors

Or try “entertainment” and reflect on a nation
That gawks at its neighbours whose sole aspiration
Is a chance to be famous or the next millionaire
Will it drive you to distraction; more likely despair


Living life on the edge, living life on the brink
Keeping up with your image will drive you to drink
Driven by passion, driven by greed
To see love as possession and desire as need

Driven under the knife in a vain stab at youth
Your face or your fear: what’s the uglier truth?
If acknowledging death is your idea of hell
You’ll be driven to hide from the present as well


Like a leaf in the tempest, a twig on the stream
At its worst it’s a nightmare, at its best like a dream
If it’s all an illusion and nothing is real
Then you’re driven to wonder just who’s at the wheel


…..* From “Leisure” by W. H. Davies.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. “Your face or your fear: what’s the uglier truth?” this line speaks volumes. Would so like to hear this sung.


  2. Thanks for the link. It’s good to hear your words sung, but I imagined a gentler version. I have only written one song, in reality a poem, but a friend has songified my words, and put them to music, I love it. He says it is only the alpha version and is still working on it. It’s titled Horse Whisperer and the words can be found on my blog..


    • I’ll check it out, but not tonight, I’m afraid, as it’s 1.35am here. Thanks. More of my songs, if you are interested, are in the “Songs” Category in “Evidence of a woefully anal character”.


  3. Wonderful poem Ben about the Rat Race, most people are part of.


  4. Amazing, Ben – we were certainly on the same wavelength today (or whenever that was…)!
    I’ll be sending you a link, since I’m still typing my synchronicity… 😉


  5. awesome lyrics! Maybe you could sing it for us 😀


    • I have never recorded this. There *is* a version at but it’s not me singing. And as I said in my reply to triciabertram, “The tune is not mine, nor is it one I am very happy with, I’m afraid; ditto the vocals, but at least the words are there.” And some of the instrumental playing is not so bad. As you can guess, I had no hand in producing this recording. There are always dangers when your children fly the nest. 😦


  6. Ben, I truly love this – and the lines that stood out for me:

    If acknowledging death is your idea of hell
    You’ll be driven to hide from the present as well

    So much truth in this – and ALL of your words. (When I have a chance I’ll come back and listen to it – as set to music.)


  7. Powerful Ben. We are driven at least I am. I use to want it all riches and fame. But today I just want comfort. Thanks for sharing this great piece with me.


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