Lovers And Followers


People, let me tell you
Can be oh so very fickle
One minute they will “Like” you
Then they leave you, and your ego, in a pickle


This was inspired by Arjun Sharma’s admirable poem “Where Are My Readers?” which, sadly, is no longer extant.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. I have a fickle heart… lol… Adele said it first I believe.

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    • I suppose the real point I am making here is that quite often it is actually the ego that is bruised. “Love” frequently disguises lust, pride, possessiveness and a bunch of other rather unsavoury qualities. Still, we’d rather talk about “the heart” wouldn’t we? So much more comfortable.


  2. Love certainly disguises itself.

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    • For all kinds of reasons. I know that they are not always negative either. I have a poem about protecting the heart that I started months and months ago. One day it may even emerge. (When it seems safe enough. 😀 )


  3. Ah, that darned ego! It pretends, and we must transcend. 🙂

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  4. What do you say about ego that is not egoistic? Personally, I think I know mine, but only occasionally can say where it ends and begins and what it thinks it means. But I hope I respond to people with some sensitivity and care. I’ve even started recording the first sections of the dragon epic the way a certain character named Ben, uh, Methuselah, uh, Ray, uh this poet I really liked requested.
    Although the truth is that I prefer love and heart even though other parts of existence play a vital part too.

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    • And would you believe that in that poem I mention above what is protecting the heart is … a dragon!

      I too am pleased to hear that the early sections of your dragon epic are on their way. Knowing how much you have on your plate at present shows your generosity even more clearly.

      I was pondering recently that without followers there could be no leaders. An interesting realisation.


      • I get called a leader off and on, but the truth is that the leaders follow and the followers lead. That’s why those who believe they are leaders are really only leading themselves more often than not. I fully believe that Ben Naga is the friend of many wise dragons. Otherwise I would have to wonder where all of his wisdom comes from.

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      • Perhaps he was a dragon in a previous life.


  5. And suddenly the memories of 2010 come back. I hate that I love this poem.

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  6. Oh, doesn’t this just resonate with uncomfortable truth!!

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