Another Day


Still here
Alive and well
Tricked by a promise
That I had finished pretending

I sometimes think that if we were fitted with a simple mechanism for painlessly switching ourselves off permanently there would be very few humans walking around.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Few words = massive talent.


  2. Are we ever finished? Or is it “adapting”? Adapting sounds less cowardly, but pretending sounds more accurate. A smart little thought, my friend


  3. When I read this post and your note below it made me gasp! What a truth dragged quite unexpectedly into the open! I salute you, Ben! And, speaking only for myself, you are quite right. I would have gone – long ago! Am I glad I’m still here? Well, my life is still interesting…


  4. Great economy here! Pretty deep subject handle effortlessly. Very well done!


  5. potent little poem, this one is… last line just slaps you in the face. One of those poems you wish you couldn’t relate to, but, sadly do… or maybe, that’s just me?;) naah.


  6. I noticed that in this month you had more entries than all months in that year; ahhh – tricking those promises – I am glad we’re not pretending 🙂


  7. Hmmmm well dolls, dolls are pretty when they’re plastic and sitting pretty; but women are dolls; the kind no one should play with 🙂


    • And men no less. Nor children either, for that matter.


      • i agree, but dolls are usually referred to feminine…


      • “I’m not so convinced about that freedom from pretence … Russian dolls have a lasting potency as an image, and I’m sure there must be a reason for that.”

        I was/am trying to make the point that there are often two or more layers of “truth” and “pretence”, This assertion was not made in reference to either gender, as I then tried to clarify.


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